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Opencast Mining Technology - Machines for Global Mining

In the area of opencast mining technology, FAM offers an impressive selection of various machines and systems, such as bucket wheel excavators for extraction of mineral deposits like lignite, hard coal, overburden, marl.

Opencast mining is a mining technique of extracting mineral resources from the near-surface layer of earth, these raw materials can be then used for further processing, for example, in production of metals or building materials. Our product portfolio ranges from mining equipment (excavators) to crushers and belt conveyors.


Stockyard Technology – Efficient Machines for Optimal Storage Management

Storage and homogenization of various bulk materials is a significant part of the handling processes within the overall logistic networks of the bulk material processing industry.

Dynamic and efficient handling requires the stockyards to be equipped with appropriate technology (e.g., stackers, reclaimers, conveyor systems, etc.).

Our product line of stockyard technology encompasses conveying systems, stackers and scrapers of various types, as well as bucket wheel machines.


Processing Technology – Machines for Industrial Material Processing

FAM machines for industrial material processing supplied worldwide in tailor-made designs in compliance with customer requirements meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our processing technology encompasses a wide variety of crushing and screening machines, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, single and double roller crushers, ball mills, and many others.


Loading and Unloading Systems – National and International Handling with FAM

FAM loading systems increase the volume of handled goods and reduce loading times.

The product range of the FAM Group encompasses turnkey solutions for truck and wagon loading, wagon tippling and wagon thawing facilities according to the most advanced technology.


Continuous Conveying – More Than Just Transportation

It is impossible to imagine vast areas of production without continuous conveying.

FAM is right in the process. We offer installations, components and expertise for any new or existing challenges.

FAM continuous conveyors in various designs and configurations link individual components of one plant into a highly functional and efficient entity.

Decades of experience, extensive know-how in calculating and designing, as well as in-house belt pulley manufacturing allow us to offer high quality solutions for safe and optimal operation.


Port Technology – Individual Machines for Each Port

The optimization process of the port logistics requires efficient loading systems which belong to the FAM competency.

Our product range encompasses continuous ship unloaders, stationary and mobile ship loaders, as well as versatile ship loading systems. In addition, we can offer the port appropriate stockyard equipment to streamline bulk materials handling.


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