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Loading and Unloading Systems

FAM loading systems increase the volume of handled goods and reduce loading times.

The product range of the FAM Group encompasses turnkey solutions for truck and wagon loading, wagon tippling and wagon thawing facilities according to the most advanced technology.


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The processes of loading trucks and railway wagons are similar: they are often filled with materials from bunkers or silos. While bunkers of various sizes are used to store bulk materials only for a short time, large silos serve to store these materials over longer periods.

Bunkers are often required as buffers between continuous and discontinuous conveying systems. The fastest and easiest way of loading is by gravity when the bulk material just falls into the vehicle cargo hold through the opened bunker gate. However, this is only possible in the case of easy-flowing materials such as grain, lump coal or certain building materials.


FAM automatic train loading systems enable continuous loading of railroad wagons.

Before the train arrives at the loading station, it passes through an empty train registration system, which verifies the fill level using a scanner. Wagons that are already loaded get automatically blocked and excluded from the loading process. During loading, the fill level is monitored by ultrasonic sensors. When the desired fill level is reached, the knife gate of the hopper outlet opening automatically closes.


Depending on the railcar type, two basic techniques of unloading are distinguished: self-unloading gravity method and unloading with FAM designed wagon tipplers.

In case of the self-unloading gravity method, a slowly moving train continuously discharges commodities into a hopper installed underneath the track bed. The side hatches of the wagons are opened manually or automatically, allowing the load to empty by sliding down the slopes of a saddle longitudinally positioned in the middle of the wagon.

FAM designed wagon tippler stations unload the entire wagons either by tipping or rotary (flipping) mechanism until the material is discharged by gravity through the wagon loading bay opening. The tipping system can either be accomplished using front tipplers or side tipplers; however, side tipplers are more popular because of a much higher unloading efficiency. Especially the high-performance wagon side tipplers with a hydraulic or electro-mechanic drive are capable of discharging at a speed of up to 60 wagons per hour.


At low temperatures, residual moisture inside the freight wagons can cause the bulk material to harden and stick to the wagon walls which creates difficult or even impossible unloading situations.

In order to prevent this, FAM wagon thawing systems are often used to heat the wagon walls and underbody before unloading. This process will minimize or completely eliminate material unloading difficulty. For this purpose, the trains slowly move through a special hall which, depending on its length, can accommodate and heat several wagons at the same time. The heat radiation is generated either by electrical radiators, natural gas burners, or superheated steam in heat exchangers.


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