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FAM Processing Technology – Machines for Industrial Material Processing

Industrial Material Processing

FAM machines for industrial material processing supplied worldwide in tailor-made designs in compliance with customer requirements meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our processing technology encompasses a wide variety of crushing and screening machines, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, single and double roller crushers, ball mills, and many others.


Our Portfolio

FAM designed apron feeders are generally used to remove material from under hoppers, which are typically built from steel or concrete and sit directly above the apron feeders.

The conveying part which carries the material consists of pan strands composed of individual pan links. The line of pans is pulled on two parallel chain strings which through deep hardening of the chain links and targeted heat treatment of the pins and bushings create an extremely break and wear resistant chain.   

The pans are attached to the chain links. The gap between adjacent plates is closed by a seal in such a way that no material can escape even when driving around the tumbler.


The FAM roller screens are ideal for difficult sifting applications, especially in case of hard to screen raw materials (coarse, moist, clumpy, sticky, etc.).

Our roller screens are primarily deployed in coal plants for pre-screening and crusher relief, as well as for separation or control screening after crushing.

They are also used for pre-screening of overburden and natural rocks, whilst making the flow of materials to the downstream crushers more homogenized and even.


FAM designed crushers are used for crushing minerals, raw materials and other bulk commodities.

The types of crushing machines are distinguished by their working principles: by pressure, impact, hammer, or shear. In contrast to mills, crushers process the feed materials into grain sizes from coarse to medium granulation.

The FAM product range includes impact crushers, single, double and shear roller crushers, continuous roller crushers and hammer crushers.


FAM designed mills are used for comminution with a fine or ultra-fine target granulation.

The types of mills are distinguished by their working principles: by pressure, impact, hammer, or shear. Mills are often equipped with a screen for grain size control and separation.

The FAM product range includes impact mills, roll mills, hammer mills, ball mills and rod mills, as well as appropriate screens.


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FAM Modernization

We carry out performance upgrades, modernizations and automations of opencast mining plants and machines, handling systems, processing technology, and stockyard facilities all over the world.

Our range of services in the area of reconstruction and modification performed by qualified and experienced employees includes engineering, manufacturing and delivery, as well as assembly and commissioning using our own production and assembly resources under guarantee of meeting the international safety and quality standards.