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FAM Port Technology – Individual Machines for Each Port

Port Technology

The optimization process of the port logistics requires efficient loading systems which belong to the FAM competency.

Our product range encompasses continuous ship unloaders with bucket wheel elevators, stationary and mobile ship loaders, as well as versatile ship loading systems.

In addition, we offer the port appropriate stockyard equipment to streamline bulk materials handling.

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Our Portfolio

When selecting and designing a shiploader, the quality and properties of the bulk material, local conditions, performance parameters and environmental requirements play a decisive role.

With these aspects in mind, FAM engineers determine the most effective and cost-efficient handling principle while minimizing operational and maintenance requirements. The loading system must fit in the port infrastructure and match current and future vessel sizes.

That’s why FAM has developed a variety of different loading systems.

  • stationary shiploaders
  • mobile shiploaders mounted on rails
  • quadrant radial-type shiploaders
  • shiploaders with gravity spiral chute for loading bagged goods


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For bulk materials unloading, two types of handling systems are basically deployed: continuous and discontinuous.

For the discontinuous unloading operation, mainly ship unloaders with rope grabs are used because these machines are very flexible owing to their simply exchangeable grabs of diverse shapes and sizes which facilitates relatively rapid adaptation to the bulk material to be handled.

When small or medium unloading capacities are in place, grab-type unloaders with a movable superstructure and a single-link or double-link luffing boom are used. When high handling capacities are required, grab-type unloaders with rail-mounted portal bridge show the best performance.


FAM port handling systems supplied worldwide in tailor-made designs in compliance with customer requirements meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. A good example of this is bulk material handling by means of continuous unloading systems developed by FAM Magdeburg.

In the continuous mode of operation, ship unloading by means of bucket elevators prevails.

Ship unloaders with bucket elevators are significantly more efficient and flexible in the emptying of a ship´s hold than grab-type unloaders.

Moreover, the continuous mode of operation helps reduce the environmental footprint. It allows for dust-free and low-noise operation and it is at the same time very gentle on the material handled, including the residuals cleaning in the vessel holds.


FAM mobile ship loading systems have been developed for the flexible transshipment points.

Feeding of the bulk materials may be continuous (e.g., via belt conveyor system) or discontinuous (e.g. by a mobile truck unloading station or a wheel loader).

Different handling capacities, conveying heights and lengths can be combined with other material feeding systems.


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FAM Spare Parts Management

We offer a worldwide, vendor-independent and comprehensive spare and wear parts management for opencast mining plants and machines, handling systems, processing technology, and stockyard facilities.

We provide recommendations and advice on strategic spare parts storage (inventory management), and supply spare parts through the entire equipment lifecycle.