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FAM Service – Maintenance

We perform inspections, maintenance and repairs of systems and machines utilized in opencast mining, mineral processing, handling and storage all over the globe.

As a manufacturer of complex turnkey installations and machines, we enjoy years of experience and profound expertise. We are widely supported by the global maintenance network of the FAM Group.

The main tasks include recommendations on the maintenance activities, creation of maintenance documentation, preparation, execution and recording of scheduled and unplanned maintenance work, preparation of scheduled plant shutdowns, as well as ensuring the operational safety.

We offer individual inspection guidelines using the most advanced techniques for checking the quality and workmanship, as well as intermittent professional analysis and assessment of the current condition in terms of wear, function, damage, and appropriate servicing.

These inspection guidelines including recommended measures for restoration and securing of the desired production output can be carried out either in the form of a one-time action, or with long term service agreements.

With FAM tele-service and the associated online support, we conduct worldwide remote diagnostics of plant control systems and consequently increase the plant´s sustainability.

The sources of errors get identified, localized and analyzed. The malfunctions are fixed by remote access, thus avoiding unscheduled system downtime.

In addition, our tele-service team ensures provision of specific information on maintenance and service work in a timely manner.

The range of maintenance services includes, among others, preventive or condition-based measures, planning and preparation of complex repair activities, functional testing and commissioning, analysis of the reusability of components and assemblies, as well as production of documents for repairs.

Furthermore, we perform in-house repairs, for example, refurbishing and/or repairing of worn or defective components and parts. We have short lead times attributed to our own manufacturing capacities, own logistics and own dispatch service, and we constantly upgrade current construction practices and technology to the highest standards.

The scope of FAM services includes individual support models ranging from one-time inspections to permanent field service on site.


Support. Performance. Documentation.

FAM Stockyard Technology – Efficient Machines for Optimal Storage Management

Storage and homogenization of various bulk materials is a significant part of the handling processes within the overall logistic networks of the bulk material processing industry.

Our product line of stockyard technology encompasses conveying systems, stackers and scrapers of various types, as well as bucket wheel machines.