Reconstruction. Modernization. Automatization.

FAM Service – Modernization

We carry out performance upgrades, modernizations and automations of opencast mining plants and machines, handling systems, processing technology, and stockyard facilities all over the world.

Our range of services in the area of reconstruction and modification performed by qualified and experienced employees includes engineering, manufacturing and delivery, as well as assembly and commissioning using our own production and assembly resources under guarantee of meeting the international safety and quality standards.

We achieve performance improvements by increasing the conveying or production volumes, extending the service life, upgrading assemblies and components.

We optimize transfer points and achieve higher efficiency of the equipment, e.g., by saving energy and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

In the course of modernization or retrofitting work, we

  • develop and implement new drive concepts,
  • increase efficiency by adapting to changing operating conditions,
  • ensure compliance with statutory requirements (e.g. emission reduction, occupational safety),
  • modify existing designs and
  • carry out refurbishment or new fabrication of machine parts and assemblies.

Another service in our scope is automation.

In this area, we offer:

  • upgrading of control systems,
  • optimization of energy management,
  • installation of new electrical and control systems using state-of-the-art technology,
  • programming and installation of advanced control systems for automatic operation,
  • as well as set-up of remote servicing systems for control software.


Furthermore, we have extensive experience in dismantling and/or relocating of machines and systems.


Reconstruction. Modernization. Automatization.

FAM Processing Technology – Machines for Industrial Material Processing

FAM Group offers handling and processing technology, which meets the high standards on the quality and availability of the products.

Our processing technology encompasses a wide variety of crushing and screening machines, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, single and double roller crushers, ball mills, and many others.