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FAM Service – Spare Parts Management

We offer a worldwide, vendor-independent and comprehensive spare and wear parts management for opencast mining plants and machines, handling systems, processing technology, and stockyard facilities.

This includes:

  • general recommendations and testing of existing spare parts concepts,
  • generation of spare and wear parts catalogs,
  • procurement or in-house fabrication of spare and wear parts,
  • repairs (e.g., in our own facility),
  • as well as individual and personal advice on original equipment.


We provide recommendations and advice on strategic spare parts storage (inventory management), and supply spare parts through the entire equipment lifecycle:

  • advising on product service life and prioritization according to the requirements,
  • emergency and crisis management,
  • consignment storage on a separate contract basis and
  • obsolescence management.


Fabrication. Procurement. Storage.

FAM Port Handling - Turnkey Solutions for Your Business

The optimization process of the port logistics requires efficient loading systems which belong to the FAM competency.

Our product range encompasses continuous ship unloaders with bucket wheel elevators, stationary and mobile ship loaders, as well as versatile ship loading systems.

In addition, we offer the port appropriate stockyard equipment to streamline bulk materials handling.

Our references speak for us.